Hiking Trails in Santa Ana


There are many places to choose from when it come to hiking trails in Santa Ana. But if your up for a little travel we’d like to tell you about Harding Falls Hike, located in the deepness of Harding Canyon. The hike is about six hours and seven point five miles round trip. This a gorgeous hiking trail that m vc leads to a sixty-foot waterfall. This canyon is full of wildlife, with shimmering pools and abundant plant life. You want to be an experienced hiker to enjoy all the aspects of this hiking trail, as it is a pretty long way to the waterfall. Bring along your hiking buddy and check out the hidden waterfall!

Another great place for the Santa Ana hiker to visit is Peters Canyon, Region Park. The park has various hiking trails to choose from. However, The East Ridge View Trail will show you a panoramic scene of Peters Canyon. you may find wildlife along your hikes, such as mule deer, opossums, raccoons coyotes, and birds. You’ll hike through a forest of black willows, cottonwoods, sycamores and then come to a running creek. Peters Canyon is open from seven am to sunset, come explore the great outdoors!