Best Parks For a Labor Day BBQ in Santa Ana

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and the three-day weekend is so close we can almost taste it. If you are looking to celebrate the unofficial end of summer with one last BBQ or picnic, the City of Santa Ana has a number of excellent locations to try. Here is a quick list of three great parks ready to host your next BBQ. Each location is equipped with benches and picnics areas for a BBQ, however, some might need a reservation. So be sure to check ahead of time.


Lillie King Park

498 W Alton Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Bomo Koral Park

900 W MacArthur Blvd

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Madison Park

1434 S Standard Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone number: (714) 571-4200

Gardening 101: How To Choose an Indoor Plant

Just because you live in apartment, doesn’t mean you cannot adorn you living space with plants. Greenery can thrive indoors and help spice up your décor. So even if you do not have a “Green Thumb” here are three tips for choosing the perfect indoor plant.


Subtropical: the best indoor plants are the ones which come from subtropical climates. Any plant that is used to heat and harsh climate will thrive in an apartment setting.

Air purifiers: studies have shown that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. So if you are going to own a plant, get one that has air purifying qualities like the pothos plant.

No water: if you are a busy professional or just always out of the house, grab a plant that can survive on little water, just in case you forget to water it for a few days.

Where To Watch the Rio Olympics In Santa Ana

Are you looking for a place to watch the Rio Olympics over the next few weeks? Sure, you could stay home and watch Usain Bolt speed his to way to the finish line with your dog. Or you could go out to a sports bar and watch the events on multiple screens and a lively atmosphere. If you are planning on cheering America on from a bar, here is a quick list of three great places that will be showing the Olympics in your neighborhood.


Original Mike’s

100 S Main St

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number(714) 550-7764


Sweet Spot Sports Bar & Grille

1325 E Dyer Rd

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number(714) 241-3800


The Glen Bar & Grill

13132 Garden Grove Blvd

Garden Grove, CA 92843

Phone number(714) 663-1775

Visit the Medea Project Play in Santa Ana

The Medea Project is a play that tackles one of Greek mythology’s most tragic figures, Medea. The scorned wife of Jason (of the Argonauts) commits an atrocious act of jealousy by killing her and Jason’s children. The play take a more contemporary look at the material, but keeps the powerful themes of the classic story.


If you are looking to try something new during the summer, get away from the television to watch this enthralling play performed by the Theatre Out’s group. Tickets to the play can be found in the $15 range. If you would like to interact with the Santa Ana community while supporting a local theater, come visit this wonder event. For more information, visit the theater’s website or call:

402 W. 4th St.

Santa Ana, CA  92701


Tips For Taking a Weekend Trip

Weekend trips can get busy with the planning and rushing. You might forget a tooth brush, over pack or get lost. If you have a weekend trip coming up, here are three quick tips for making the process easier.

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Roll not fold: when you are packing clothing for a weekend trip, the key is to roll and not fold. Rolling will help prevent wrinkles and offer a bit more space than folding does.


Take snacks: if you do not have children, snacks are probably not on your radar. However, meals on a weekend trip can get expensive. So pack a few items to snack on for breakfast or lunch—you’ll save more than you think.


Look for deals: many travel sites offer deals for last minute travels, as long as you’re flexible with your destination. If you are looking for a memorable trip, be open and let your destination choose you.

What To Do With Kids This Summer in Santa Ana

Finding ways to keep the kids busy this summer can be tough. However, if you live in the city of Santa Ana, there are quite a few options. Here is a quick look at three great ways to have fun with the kids.

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Rockin Jump Orange County

1411 S Village Way

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (714) 249-7676

Rocking Jump is a trampoline park perfect the kids. There is an entrance fee, but it will be worth it, after the kids knock out on the ride home.


Discovery Cube Orange County

2500 N Main St

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (714) 542-2823

If you are looking for educational activities, the Discovery Cube is affordable (you can also purchase a membership) and fun. The Museum has weekly events and will keep the kids entertained all summer.


Santa Ana Zoo

1801 E Chestnut Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number: (714) 542-9650

The Santa Ana Zoo is another affordable and fun way to keep the kids busy. The Zoo holds special events on a regular basis.

Grill Tips: How To Make the Perfect Burger


Grilling the perfect burger isn’t rocket science, but it also requires a bit of skill in front of the grill. Burgers are not a set-it and forget-it meal, but with a little care and a few tips, you can make the tastiest burgers around this summer. Here is a bit of help.

Get the right beef: try to grab an 80/20 beef to fat meat for a juicier flavor that won’t dry out. Also try to cook the burgers with high heat to make a juiciest burger possible.

Forming the patties: don’t just make flat patties because they will fall apart. Instead grab six ounces of ground beef and roll them into balls and flatten them out a bit.

Flip once: most of us love to constantly flip our burger meats. However, that will only cause the patty to fall apart. Let the meat grill and flip only once.

Attend a Joy Division Cover Band In Santa Ana

The Santa Ana Observatory is one of the premiere concert venues in the OC/Los Angeles area. This summer the venue will be hosting a slew of great cover bands and music events to attend. If you are a fan of the mega-band Joy Division, the Observatory will be hosting a cover band tribute on July 22. The tickets are very cheap and cost in the $5 range for most concerts, and the venue hosts event multiple times a week. For more information, or to see a full schedule of concerts shows, visit: If you end up going to a show, have fun and enjoy the evening of great bands and music.


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Moving Units – presents the songs of Joy Division

Friday, Jul 22, 2016, 8:00 PM

With Viktor Fiction

Doors @ 7pm

Open to all ages


Celebrate Fourth of July at the Centennial Park in Santa Ana

Fourth of July can get busy, particularly if you are looking to enjoy a firework show in the park. This holiday Centennial Park in Santa Ana will be hosting its 6th annual Fourth of July spectacular event beginning at 4pm and lasting until 9pm and culminating with a firework show to top off the night.

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This Fourth of the July independence day event is free and open to the public and feature a kid’s zone, games, food, and face painting—the activities will end at 8pm. Participants are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets and picnic baskets to enjoy the day. Just be sure to get to the park early, because the event will be packed with Santa Ana residents. Have fun and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.



Father’s Day Gifts For the TV Loving Dad in Santa Ana

If you have a Father who loves to kick his feet up and watch some TV after work, then skip the ties and gift cards this Father’s Day (its next week by the way) and get dad something he will truly love. Here are a few ideas.

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Streaming device: watching Netflix on your ipad is cool and all, but sometimes you want to stream things to your television. Bring your dad into the tech-verse with a streaming device like a Chromecast, Apple TV or Amazon Fire stick. The Chromecast and Fire stick start in the $30 range, while Apple TV costs in the $100 range.


Sling TV: if your dad is busy and looking to watch TV on the go, try getting him a sling TV subscription. The device supports over 20 channels of living stream and can be purchased for as little as $20 per month.