It’s All Fun And Games At The Pumpkin Factory Pumpkin Patch!


There are a lot of great feelings in the world but the feeling of finding your dream pumpkin at the best pumpkin patch in town is in a whole category of its own because nothing compares to it. Halloween is approaching quickly which means if you haven’t done your October duty yet and visited The Pumpkin Factory then you’re doing something wrong. If you aren’t looking for anything specific and you just enjoy hanging at patches, then The Pumpkin Factory is still the place for you because the fun is endless!

What You Can Do:

  • First and foremost, FREE ADMISSION!
  • Pumpkins (obviously)
  • Extremely fun rides!
  • Slides
  • Ponies
  • Petting Zoo
  • Games
  • Food
  • So much more

The possibilities at The Pumpkin Factory are absolutely endless and it’s not hard to have a great time here. You can’t go wrong with pumpkins, rides and free admission so when there’s a free moment make sure to head on over and get your October on!

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