Grill Tips: How To Make the Perfect Burger

Grilling the perfect burger isn’t rocket science, but it also requires a bit of skill in front of the grill. Burgers are not a set-it and forget-it meal, but with a little care and a few tips, you can make the tastiest burgers around this summer. Here is a bit of help.

Get the right beef: try to grab an 80/20 beef to fat meat for a juicier flavor that won’t dry out. Also try to cook the burgers with high heat to make a juiciest burger possible.

Forming the patties: don’t just make flat patties because they will fall apart. Instead grab six ounces of ground beef and roll them into balls and flatten them out a bit.

Flip once: most of us love to constantly flip our burger meats. However, that will only cause the patty to fall apart. Let the meat grill and flip only once.