Best Breakfast Spots in Santa Ana, CA

Don’t think breakfast is too important? Think again. Here are some interesting statistics from that are sure to challenge your assumptions:

  • A study from Kings College (London) analyzing the results of 28 previous studies found the old saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”… to be backed by scientific evidence, noting that keeping calories down late at night is key to combating obesity.
  • A study from The Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University found that the majority of people who are “effortlessly thin” tend to eat fruit, cereal or granola for breakfast.
  • A study from the University of Missouri found that people with type 2 diabetes can reduce blood sugar spikes later in the day by starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast. In March of 2015, Tel Aviv University found that diabetics who ate big breakfasts and small dinners had fewer episodes of high blood sugar than those who ate small breakfasts and large dinners.

If you’re looking for the best spot in Santa Cruz, California to take your family for breakfast, I recommend Linda’s Seabreeze Café. Here you can enjoy all sorts of healthy delicious food and enjoy the beautiful ambience it has for its customers.

Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe
Quick-order kitchen cooks up omelets & burgers to order in a relaxed atmosphere.
Address: 542 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone:(831) 427-9713
Hours: Open today · 6AM–2PM